War of the Woods

Posted on May 4 2011, Bathroom Furniture

Wood is often used in bathrooms as it creates a warm mood, and as wood comes in many different shades and styles there is an abundance of choice.  In many older houses you will find wooden floors and if they are still in good condition many people will want to keep the look and have a traditional bath with no shower.  If you have a large enough room you can have a separate shower area which is tiled.

Victoria + Albert ‘CHESHIRE’ bath

Adding wood to your bathroom creates a warm mood.  Wood surfaces also act as a link between the bathroom and the rest of the house, particularly if you live in a period home.  Not all wood surfaces are the same as there is so much variety in texture and finish ..

The Fogo modern bathroom furniture range from Duravit is as fabulous to touch as it is to look at, with the clean lines and warm tones adding pure luxury to any bathrooms.  The refreshingly unusual wood, Ash Olive, has widely spaced stripes of natural colour variation, and each piece of furniture will be different.  If you want something that grabs your attention in a subtle way, this terrific wood is a great choice.

Duravit FOGO in Ash Olive (shade now discontinued)

With a stripped-down design firmly focused on the natural beauty of wood, the Fogo range is also available in other attractive real wood veneers. Choose from American Walnut, Macassar, American Cherry Tree, and Bleached Oak.

Duravit FOGO cupboard

You’ll never have to worry about storage as the roomy units for the wall, under the sink, and even on castors for ease of movement will give you a ample storage.

Duravit offer many wood finishes in their furniture selections, and there are plenty on display in the Soak showroom.

Duravit SEADREAM bath with bath panel + Step + Fogo unit all in American Walnut on display in Soak showroom
Duravit SECOND FLOOR basin unit in Ebony – on display in Soak showroom
Duravit Second Floor bath with Ebony panel and matching drawer unit
Duravit FOGO in Ash Olive with BACINO basins – on display in Soak showroom
Duravit HAPPY D basin unit in American Walnut

Soak can also offer Dansani furniture with a wood finish – stylish design with a Danish twist.

Dansani CALIDRIS in High Gloss Black and Teak
Dansani ZARO in Brushed Walnut
Calidris in Teak on display in the Soak showroom
Dansani MIDO in Havanna
Dansani MIDO in Latte

The Mido range from Dansani has a simple look with smooth fronts and is ideal for smaller bathrooms.  You can choose from three wood finishes – Latte, Havanna and Mocca.

DANSANI Mido in Mocca

And for some Italian flair – Mastella also offer a selection of wood finishes in their Veat and Manta range; Birch, Cherry, Oak, Walnut and Wenge.

Mastella Guest in Birch
Fire up your imagination with a bathroom furniture collection that really catches the eye: Diva from Burgbad. Divinely decadent, perfectly formed and available in excitingly rich colours.  Artfully designed, Diva is a masterful interaction of function in perfect form and pure artistry.
Diva by Burgbad
The basin has precisely mitred edges, and the piano lacquer high gloss finish on rosewood and high gloss walnut for the furniture gives any bathroom timeless elegance.
Diva washbasin and furniture unit in high gloss Rosewood
Diva dressing table and cabinet in Walnut
Diva from Burgbad dressing table with useful storage

Bel is available in a choice of 2 wood finishes, dark cherry and dark oak.

Many people still wonder if wood in a bathroom is feasible.  It is, as high quality bathroom furniture is manufactured specifically for this application area and is resistant to both water and increased humidity.

For example, Duravit furniture features PVC-free and water-resistant, PU-bonded edges. The surfaces are treated with extreme care to make them water-repellent. However, to ensure that wood in the bathroom retains its look for a long time, direct, prolonged contact with water should, of course, be avoided.  So make sure you mop up any splashes or spills immediately and you should not have any problems.

Of course proper care is important.  You will need to wipe the furniture with a damp microfiber cloth and regularly ventilate the bathroom. This will ensure that you can continue to enjoy your bathroom for many years to come.





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