Tips for Saving Water

Posted on June 22 2013, Showers and Taps

We can all save water if we put our mind to it.  If you remember to do at least one of these it can become a good habit and will reduce your use of water.  
  • When washing your hands or shaving don’t leave the tap running, run a small amount of water into a mug and use this to dip your toothbrush into – this soon becomes a habit (a good one!)
  • Dripping taps, cisterns etc are not only irritating they waste thousands of gallons every year, so replace the seals or call your local plumber
  • A full bath needs can use up to 80 litres of water, just run a slightly lower bath – every little helps!
  • A quick shower uses less water than a bath and refreshes you speedily
  • Flushing the toilet uses lots of drinking water, so does it need to flushed all the time?
  • How often do you need to wash your car?  Use recycled water from rainwater butts
  • Think green – recycle rain water through water butts, available via your local council or garden centre, or if you can, recycle your bath water using a long hose
  • In summer when it is hot water only in the evening when it has cooled down, preferably using recycled rain water

Climate protection starts with showering and an ecological approach to hand washing. As a champion of the value of water, Hansgrohe assumes a pioneering role in dealing with this precious resource. Hansgrohe mixers and showers are fitted with the EcoSmart technology and require up to 60% less water than conventional products – and without any loss of comfort.  Lower hot water consumption means a lower energy requirement = fewer CO2 emissions and lower costs.

Hansgrohe Raindance 120 EcoSmart Shower

Thanks to the enrichment of water with air, EcoSmart equals showering pleasure and you will feel the difference on your skin. Eco? Logical. 


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