Summertime Blues

Posted on July 7 2011, Bathroom Design

It’s summer and the living is easy …
June 21st saw the first day of summer and naturally here in the home counties of England it was raining!  And it was the Glastonbury Festival recently, swimming in mud for much of it.  If that isn’t a cue for Summertime Blues then what is …

Blue is often a colour used in the bathroom, from balmy summer days of sand and sea with blue and white or blue and yellow to the cool shades of winter.

Colour is often introduced in a bathroom either by tiles or a coloured worksurface or furniture unit,  a blind or curtains or towels and accessories.

Bisazza Stella Alpina mosaics within a shower area
LED lighting enhances the delicate Bisazza Stella Alpina mosaics which are complimented by the Valentino Piemme Diamond tiles in Grey
Up Close and Personal -Bisazza Stella Alpina
Bisazza Stella Alpina Shading mosaics accompanied by Valentino-Piemme Diamond in Grey
Gessi coloured shower

And to add some panache to a bathroom also consider these stunning mosaics from Bisazza



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