The project in more detail

The client brief

The en suite is primarily used by Mrs A and so the brief was very much from her and fulfill her needs.

To design an en suite to be used mainly by Mrs A on a daily basis.

Keep both a bath and shower, increasing the size of the shower as it is the most used item.

Diminish the ‘pokey’ feeling about the room, ensuring it feels lighter and brighter.

The walls and floors are all solid and there is quite a lot of boxing, so we were asked to try to make this as minimal and subtle as possible.


The Outcome/Feedback

The completed room has a wonderful feel about it, with the boxing hardly noticeable, and feeling of calm and relaxation comes over you as soon as you walk in. Both the bath and the shower are incredibly inviting and one would struggle to choose which to use first. The mood lighting cleverly brightens the room and the blue shading instills the spa-like feel the room encompasses. Mrs A adores the room, thinking it her personal haven from the world.

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Our approach


  • We were aware the floor was concrete and the shower was already raised so we knew we had to work with a raised platform for at least the shower area.
  • The space appears quite tight when first viewing so we wanted to create a feeling of openness and try to create a larger shower for the client whilst also taking into account the constraints of the room.
  • Using a freestanding bath was the best way we could see to get a bath in there and still help the room feel larger.
  • Raising the whole right hand side of the room, and adding lighting within that step was the only way to do this.
  • The boxed in step was essential from a plumbing point of view, but it appears to be there for design reasons by using lighting and being thoughtful with the tiling.


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