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Posted on March 11 2012, Bathroom Trends

The Soak staff attended KBB on Monday and Tuesday (5 and 6 March 2012).  The show was smaller than it used to be pre-the-downturn, but size isn’t everything .. now where have we heard that before!  There was a buzz and feeling of optimism about – certainly the day after the Awards, and that was despite any late nights people may have had. 

Highlights for us from our existing suppliers included fab new colours from Vanity Hall;
Natura in Anthracite by Vanity Hall
including High Gloss White, HG Black, HG Lime, HG Grey, HG Red, HG Cappuccino, HG Orange and HG Cream, and Anthracite, Cream and Smoked Trout.

Plus eyeleds from TLW which look amazing and can make a huge impact in a bathroom bringing a calmer and soothing atmosphere – ideal when having a relaxing bath after a stressed day.
Eyeleds available from Soak in Style
Also from TLW are the new TapTile Touch Sensors.
TapTile Touch Sensors available from Soak in Style
The easy to install Taptile Touch Sensor is simply embedded behind a tile or other flat surface in your bathroom and is connected by wireless to your existing or new lights – no more external switches or pull cords. These won a prestigious Gold Award for bathroom innovation at the Designer Awards 2011.

Also from Geberit is The Monolith (soon to be on display in black in the Soak showroom), 
Geberit Monolith for Wall Hung WC available in Black, White and Mint
Ideal for converting a floor-standing WC to a wall-hung version, the Geberit Monolith is a slimline sanitary module with integrated cistern that can be connected to existing plumbing work just as easily as a close-coupled toilet, without the need for chiselling or re-tiling. With its slim profile the Geberit Monolith doesn’t impinge on space, while its clear, simple lines and high-quality materials make it an attractive alternative to conventional visible cisterns.

Also from Geberit
Geberit Sigma60
the new Sigma60 concealed flush plate – that is … completely flush!  

Plus what our Designer immediately insisted we have for display .. the Geberit Sigma80 coloured flush plate which effortlessly combines design, hygiene and comfort in the bathroom.
Geberit Sigma80 coloured plate – shortly on display in the Soak in Style Showroom

The Sigma80 is activated as soon as movement is detected. Simply wave your hand in front of the shorter light for a single flush and longer light for a full flush. After giving visual feedback in the form of the coloured light effect when the toilet is flushed, the plate automatically returns to standby mode when the user leaves the room.

Featuring the very latest touch-free dual flush technology, the Sigma80 has a self-learning sensor that recognises how users use the WC and learns about its surroundings. Its touch-less operation makes it supremely hygienic and its striking good looks are never spoilt by unsightly fingermarks.
The Geberit Sigma80 is available in either mirror glass or black and comes in five different design options. The light behind the glass can be changed in colour to tone with the bathroom to dramatic effect. 

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