Gold Rush

Posted on August 18 2012, Bathroom Planning

After all the excitement of the London 2012 Olympics which has left us all basking in the golden glow of not only our wonderful athletes who performed way above expectations to leave Team GB in 3rd position of the medals, but the fabulous atmosphere that has overtaken the whole country.  We are now in the countdown to the Paralympics but we couldn’t resist taking advantage of the go for gold theme!

Trend Gold Notes

The soft golden tones from Trend Mosaics add a warm colour to any room. 

Trend mosaics; Smalti Veneziani, Aureo 24ct

Add a touch of golden opulence to bring luxury and warmth to your interior with wallpapers, textiles, paints, furniture and as shown above 24ct gold mosaics for walls.

Victoria and Albert baths; Cheshire Double Ended Roll Top with ball + claw feet, Marlborough Double Ended Slipper and Shropshire Slipper with ball + claw feet

The Cheshire, Marlborough and Shropshire from Victoria and Albert’s range of free-standing baths with subtle golden additions in the way of bedding, carpet, mirror or table and chair giving these bathrooms an air of golden elegance. 

Valentino Tresor Avorio Fiore, Avorio Damsaco, Oro; Valentino Boiserie Listello; Valentino Romantica and Boiserie,

Add as much glitz and glamour as you choose with Valentino Piemme tiles.

Gessi Mimi in Gold

The soft, feminine lines of Gessi Mimi and opulent hues of the brassware complement the Mimi basin giving you a golden bathroom. 

Alternatively you can have neutral tones on the walls and floor and make a golden statement with your furniture.

Burgbad Gloria
The Gloria range from Burgbad is stylish and full of charm and nostalgia with a restrained elegance and a precious sparkle that only radiates from that something special.  Each piece not only represents handicraft, but the true art of craftsmanship as every individual piece of furniture is unique.   The washstand consists of a chest of drawers with two oval basins, set in a solid, handmade travertine plate. The glass cabinet has real gold ornamental inlays decorative chamfers.


Burgbad Diva in Black with Gold feet and Gold Schwarovski handle

Diva. Release the inner diva in you and allow yourself a gorgeous bathroom that makes a statement.  Brilliantly sensual and sumptuous, excitingly rich in contrasts and artfully designed, Diva is a masterful interaction of function in perfect form and pure artistry. 

Burgbad Diva in White with Gold feet and handle
This is a beautiful oval basin unit on gold legs seen here in high gloss white, accompanied by a storage cupboard.  You can also choose a Diva dressing table with fold away mirror and compartments to store your make up; a stylish classic that is a perfect combination of technical skill and timeless elegance. 
Bring a golden aura to your bathroom and dip into the Luxury Collection from Oasis.
Oasis Hermitage Folgia Oro / Damascato Nero, Lutetia Nero Lucido Finiture Oro with Marmo Emperador Dark top, Daphne Black Walnut and Hermitage Oro


 The Luxury Collection consists of Daphne, Hermitage and Lutetia, and the Daphne is on display in the Soak in Style showroom.  Choose a stunning decorative finish in high gloss lacquer or wood with gold handles to make your bathroom totally unique with a golden glow.



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