Geberit AquaClean 4000

Posted on June 3 2011, Bathroom Planning

Experience an oasis of well-being with this stylish WC enhancement solution, which cleans you gently and thoroughly with water – making it a must have for every home.

Geberit AquaClean 4000

Water is natural, pure, hygenic and leaves you feeling completely clean and fresh.  Providing a sense of well being the Geberit AquaClean 4000 takes advantage of these qualities. It’s such a leap forward that we believe once you’ve tried it you’ll never look back.

Considering our love affair with personal hygiene it’s a mystery why we still accept the western convention of using toilet paper instead of water. No one would argue with water’s ability to make us feel clean. We use it to wash our bodies, hair, teeth, hands and faces, so why do we still settle for toilet paper when it evidently can’t clean us as thoroughly as water?

The Geberit AquaClean 4000 hosts a sleek, contemporary design and simply replaces your old toilet seat.  The shower function is activated at the touch of a button, dispensing warm water which can be adjusted to a pressure that suits you. It couldn’t be easier, and there’s no cleaner feeling available in toilet hygiene.

The Geberit AquaClean 8000 is on display in the Soak showroom.

Geberit AquaClean 8000

Courtesy of Geberit you have the opportunity to win an AquaClean 4000 on the House to Home site – check out the link above.  The competition is only open to UK residents, and does not include installation.





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