Duravit Starck 2 Redesign

Posted on January 29 2014, Bathroom Design

Starck 2. Re-design.
Last year Duravit presented the redesigned Starck 2 range making small modifications that give the series a new and modern style without changing the fundamental design.

Starck 2 Washbowl on Starck Furniture; High Gloss Black
Is the basin circular? Not quite – Slightly oval giving an optical illusion.
Duravit Starck 2 Washbasin with Starck Furniture; White High Gloss
Duravit Starck 2 Vanity Basin + Axor Starck Organic Basin Mixer
Duravit Starck 2; Back to Wall WC, Washbasin, White gloss furniture + Bath
Duravit Starck 2 Washbasin on Starck Furniture; High Gloss White

Tiny changes were made along with elegant modifications to the Starck 2 range.  

Stylish, Sleek and Sophisticated.  So Starck.


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