Detoxing your bathroom

Posted on January 21 2014, Bathroom Planning

We are now well into a new year and we are all full of good intentions of chucking out the clutter, detoxing our bathroom and kitchens and various other new resolutions.

Start with getting rid of the clutter.  Old or rarely used cosmetics etc should be binned, they will be past their best.

Then thoroughly clean the bathroom:

  • Have you kept your old toothbrushes?  Before throwing them out use on the grout, the plug area and if you have one the basin overflow.
  • Grubby grout? Soak in vinegar and scrub with the toothbrush.
  • Get rid of any germs in basin by spraying with vinegar & water (equal measures of both),  wiping afterwards with a clean cloth.  NB Do not use vinegar if you have gold fittings.
  • A stained toilet bowl can be cleaned with a cup of vinegar which is left to soak overnight.   Give it a good scrub the next morning and flush.  Toilet brushes can get full of germs very quickly.  Replace brushes often!  A good soak in the toilet bowl with the vinegar will help.
  • Use disinfectant in your toilet brush holder and it will also clean your toilet every time it is used.  Ensure the rim is always cleaned as germs can collect there.  Use a general bathroom cleaner for wiping down the cistern and the outside of the toilet.
  • Clean the bath with a bathroom cleaner ensuring it is appropriate for your bath.  If you have a cast iron or steel bath double check the cleaner is approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association.   A quick rinse and dry off after use with stop anything building up, particularly those in hard water areas – this applies to basins and showers (including the tiled areas) as well.
  • Descale your showerheads regularly and this will stop them clogging up, but do not use any abrasive products.
  • If you wipe your taps down after use they should stay looking as good as when they were first fitted.  If they need cleaning off use a good quality washing up liquid, do not use abrasive cleaners on taps or descaling products on any plated taps.

Now you have a gleaming bathroom you can sort out what you have left in the way of cosmetics, soaps etc into baskets or boxes and put them away in cupboards or drawers

Alternatively, if after all that you are thinking about a new bathroom why not come and see our showroom in Maidenheadcontact us by email or call us on 01628 783686

Our Creative Director was a Finalist for the KBBR Awards – Bathroom Designer of the Year 2013, 2012, 2011.

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