Axor Urquiola by Patricia Urquiola

Posted on April 23 2010, Showers and Taps

Patricia Urquiola is both a designer and architect. This is reflected in her creations. Her architecture, interior design and product design have one thing in common: they dump conformity, convention and rigid structures. In a freely designed space she creates harmonious collections which reflect life and poetry, passion and sympathy.

In the new Axor Urquiola bathroom planning brochure, Patricia Urquiola demonstrates with various planning suggestions that from her point of view this room has its very own charm due to its characteristic balancing act between intimacy and togetherness, hiding and revealing, dividing and sharing. She further points to the fact that space in the bathroom are places where everybody takes care of their own needs and feels comfortable in doing so; yet these spots can be changed into places of togetherness if one desires to do so. 
The brochure offers inspiration to all those who want to engage with the bathroom as a feelgood space, who want new approaches, more quality of life and bring innovative products into the bathroom. The planning concept explains the stylistic approach of the designer and demonstrates in a graphic way how adaptable and diverse Axor Urquiola can be, either in an Axor Urquiola bathroom concept or in one of the four single bathrooms contained within it. Bathroom planning with creative freedom: for individuality and a very personal mix of styles.
The Axor Urquiola bathroom planning brochure offers a wide range of information with technical data regarding the free-standing heater, including detailed descriptions of installation sequences, lists of producers of complementary products such as furniture, lamps or floor coverings as well as structural requirements, which will make the planning and implementation of the project easier. 

Be inspired by the design ideas and planning scenarios in your exclusive advance extracts from the Axor Urquiola bathroom planning brochure. 

Come in and check out the stunning Axor Urquiola display in the Soak showroom.




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